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University employees and researchers must ensure they are knowledgeable and compliant with UT’s  policy of excepting gifts.

Gifts can be in the form of food, entertainment, travel, lodging, cash, cash equivalent (gift cards), stock, subsidies, property, use of property or equipment, promotional items, tickets, goods, donations, favors, prizes, offers of employment or business relationships. These items, regardless of the nature, purpose, or value, can be a real or perceived conflicts when accepted by an employee or a family member.

Examples of when gifts may create a conflict:

  • Receipt influences any decision or the proper discharge of university duties.
  • Receipt obtains favored treatment or an unfair advantage to the person or entity providing the gift.

Examples of when gifts may not create a conflict:

  • The gifts are in the nature of books, learning guides or other materials that relate to the University mission and comply with applicable policies.

FI0717 – Employee Gift Acceptance Policy

FI0405 – Procurement